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June 24, 2011

Picturing this School Scenario

by Vince Giordano

Imagine what a typical school district would look like with these budget cuts:

—140-plus staff members were furloughed.

—Dozens of staff members are being shuffled around the district to fill holes, which means many students will be meeting new faces.

—Nearly all special education and English Language Learner aides were furloughed, save for those required by law because of a student’s needs. ELL aides help students whose primary language is something other than English.

—The 3-year-old character education program was eliminated. The program’s creator earned national acclaim for her model of mentoring troubled students.

—Elementary guidance counselors, some secondary guidance counselors and an at-risk coordinator who helped students with issues at home were furloughed.

—The athletic teams remain intact, but the athletic budget was cut by $100,000. It is not yet clear how the department will make up for the lost revenue.

—The district’s security team was eliminated. The team helped monitor school activities and provide a buffer between students and police to reduce arrests and keep students safer. It was created two years ago.

—Students won’t have the use of library aides.

—At the elementary level, students won’t have music, physical education or art teachers. Their classroom teacher will be in charge of providing those subjects. The interim Superintendent says that elementary teachers all have certification to cover those areas.

—Students won’t have reading and math coaches around to add more individualized instruction.

—At the secondary level, the performing arts program that offered theater performances was eliminated.

—The high school pool, in dire need of repair, has been closed.

—Class sizes will increase, particularly at the secondary level. Some classes could be above 30-35 students, according to the district.

Now add to the equation that this is regarding the York City school district, a district much in need of smaller classes, classroom aides, extra curricular classes, and English language learning aides. Could these cuts, coupled with a 5% tax increase (that overrode the normal 3% max), happen in a suburban school without a national level uprising?

June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin in Pennsylvania

by Vince Giordano

She made a stop yesterday in northern York county and then made her way over to Philadelphia to see the liberty bell. I wonder if she took I-76 or the more scenic Route 30.

March 20, 2011

A Very Lazy Sunday Morning

by Vince Giordano

On my agenda:

  • Wake up at 9:30am (4 hours later than I do Monday through Friday). Check.
  • Eat cold pizza and drink milk for breakfast. Check.
  • Catch up on world events for an hour and a half on my laptop. Check.
  • Hope to go out back and let off a few shells from my shotgun (Don’t worry, I am not in York. I am in the remote woods.)

It’s been a glorious morning. My body is exhausted from the grind of teaching and P90X. My body also is begging me to stretch and do Yoga.

Here is some of what I am thinking about this morning: