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September 7, 2011

The Civil Discourse Go-Around

by Vince Giordano

Jimmy Hoffa, the teamsters union leader, warmed up a Detroit crowd before Barack Obama took the stage by saying the following:

“We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war,” Hoffa told thousands of workers gathered for the annual event organized by the Detroit Labor Council.

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march…Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,” he concluded.

The response to Hoffa intrigues me. The Tea Party, of all people, condemned his words, saying they were “inappropriate and uncivil rhetoric,” and that they have  “no place in the public forum.” This is the same Tea Party that since it’s inception has been spitting vitriolic bile and is known for it’s protesting signs that depict Obama as either a Nazi or a slave master. To this day, I have not seen one Tea Party leader call for condemning their own “inappropriate and uncivil rhetoric” that truly “has no place in the public forum.”

Now, to be fair, Obama has called for a transformation in our political discourse so it would only be fair for him to call out Hoffa for his comments. He has pointed out the rhetoric of Congressional Republicans. Can he do the same for his own backers?

September 7, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

August 27, 2011

The Moral Tea Party

by Vince Giordano

Does this make sense?

A New Jersey politician resigns for Weiner-esque reasons. I notice, in contrast, that congressman Joe Walsh, who has been sued by his ex-wife for $117,437 in child support, is still happily in office. The tea party has backed him to the hilt, as has the GOP. The New Jersey pol is even single!

It is a strange country where someone unmarried sending consensual sexting pictures to another adult is forced to resign, while a man who is alleged to have abandoned his children is secure.

Strange – but so American.

August 10, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

You could change the Tea Party and the Mad Hatter to Barack Obama and it would send an almost identical message.

July 30, 2011

Quote of the Day II

by Vince Giordano

“Drawing upon modern Catholic social thought and the work of Thomas Aquinas’ political thinking, the goal of law and political authority is to serve, enhance, and protect the common good of society …  It is perhaps ironic – or tragic – that the common good is the one element that seems to be missing from the current national debate.  This seems to be due to the fact that the ideology that holds the most momentum right now in our political system – and hence that controls the terms of our debate – is the far-right ideology represented most vocally by the tea-party movement (but engaged by others as well).

This ideology, rather than upholding the common good as the end and goal of government and law, sees government as the very source of the problem.  Therefore, those who propound this ideology are seizing upon this moment of debate over government spending, taxation and revenue creation, and the debt ceiling as an opportunity to starve government at its source by cutting off its supply of money.  Some of the more extreme elements seem entirely willing to let the whole system come to a crashing halt rather than think about long-term solutions that seek to protect the common good of all involved.” –Thomas Bushlack on common good and if Jesus would raise the debt ceiling.

July 6, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

June 16, 2011

Tea Party Summer Camp

by Vince Giordano

And wasn’t there an uproar when kids were asked to sing a song about Barack Obama? Oh yeah, it is only indoctrination when it is something you don’t agree with. When it’s your own ideals, it’s “education”, “enlightenment”, and the like:

Here’s another option now that the kids are out of school: a weeklong seminar about our nation’s founding principles, courtesy of theTampa 912 Project.

The organization, which falls under the tea party umbrella, hopes to introduce kids ages 8 to 12 to principles that include “America is good,” “I believe in God,” and “I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.”

Organized by conservative writer Jeff Lukens and staffed by volunteers from the 912 Project, Tampa Liberty School will meet every morning July 11-15 in borrowed space at the Paideia Christian school in Temple Terrace.

Tampa Liberty is modeled after vacation Bible schools, which use fun, hands-on activities to deliver Christian messages.

One example at Liberty: Children will win hard, wrapped candies to use as currency for a store, symbolizing the gold standard. On the second day, the “banker” will issue paper money instead. Over time, students will realize their paper money buys less and less, while the candies retain their value.

“Some of the kids will fall for it,” Lukens said. “Others kids will wise up.”

Another example: Starting in an austere room where they are made to sit quietly, symbolizing Europe, the children will pass through an obstacle course to arrive at a brightly decorated party room (the New World).

Red-white-and-blue confetti will be thrown. But afterward the kids will have to clean up the confetti, learning that with freedom comes responsibility.

May 26, 2011

“The Unintended Consequences of “Anti-Sharia” Laws”

by Vince Giordano

The foaming at the mouth pundits and politicians who try to propose draconian measures to prevent America being taken over by Islamofascists may actually be acting quite contradictory to their roots. Ironic? Always:

Jon Campbell considers himself a loyal member of the tea party. The Kingsport, Tenn., man is a conservative Christian who wants the government to keep its hands off his wallet and his personal life. And that’s why, he said, a bill that originally targeted supporters of Islamic law is a bad idea for Tennessee. State officials could have used the bill to punish unpopular groups, he said.

Today, that’s Muslims, he said. Tomorrow, that could be the tea party. He pointed to a 2009 report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security, that labeled Ron Paul supporters as potential terrorists. “If you don’t like the ideas that someone supports — how is that illegal?” he said.

This topic may remind many conservatives of their libertarian roots and the unintended consequences that not only it could have on them but will have on others.

May 25, 2011

The GOP In 2012

by Vince Giordano

“If Huntsman or Romney wins the nomination, and then Obama wins the election, the GOP will quickly shift from “loosely tethered to reality” to “out of its freaking mind.”Remember, after its crushing defeat in 2008, the party faithful concluded that John McCain lost the election because he wasn’t conservative enough—and that George W. Bush lost his popularity because of his big spending. So the party moved even farther toward its right-wing base, casting away moderates like Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and Michael Bloomberg. And its comeback victory in 2010 seemed to validate that strategy. A Huntsman or Romney defeat would just prove to the party that electoral salvation lies in ideological purity and rigid obstructionism, the kind of conclusion that already appeals to Tea Party activists who consider Obama some kind of tyrannical socialist usurper.” —Michael Grunwald, H/T: The Dish

Ain’t this the truth?

May 25, 2011

Crime Rates Are Down

by Vince Giordano


The number of violent crimes in the United States dropped significantly last year, to what appeared to be the lowest rate in nearly 40 years, a development that was considered puzzling partly because it ran counter to the prevailing expectation that crime would increase during a recession.

In a way, this is contrary to the vibe the Tea Party has given off. It’s been insinuated that they have been so fed up with the government and many other issues plaguing whites over 45 that they are bound to storm Washington and “take matters into their own hands”.

A scientific take on this topic here.

May 13, 2011

A Non-Traditional Tea Party Path

by Vince Giordano

Here is one story.

May 12, 2011

A Multicultural Tea Party?

by Vince Giordano

Yes, I have seen Tea party members who are non-white (Herman Cain is one now in the spotlight) but I have also seen some in photos and videos on the front lines (Tea Party rallies). Regardless of those outlier individuals of non-white heritage, the group is generally above 45 years of age, white, middle class, and bitter.

Andrew Sullivan pushes back against any notion that the TP has anything to offer many other surging (and non-surging) demographic groups:

Does the Tea Party, even in its symbolism, welcome Hispanics? If so, why is the love so unreciprocated? Could it be the virulent cultural xenophobia and nostalgia that pulses through the movement? Does it welcome African-Americans, even as it demonizes and race-baits the first African-American president? Does it embrace women, even as it seeks to abolish all legal abortion under all circumstances? Does it appeal to the young, even as it refuses even to contemplate any civil rights for gay people?

Nice idea. But nowhere to be found.

April 29, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

Someone recently said that many of the Republicans who were out four years ago would be labeled “Republican in Name Only” (RINO) now.

H/T: Tony Auth

April 21, 2011

“We have much bigger problems to worry about than same-sex marriage”

by Vince Giordano

So says…wait for it…the New Hampshire Tea Party:

March 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

by Vince Giordano

“In my life I’ve voted Republican about 75% of the time. I voted for Obama because the only alternative was a cranky, not so bright old man and an attractive, perhaps intelligent but woefully ignorant woman.

I favor small government, flat taxes, elimination of 99.7% of tax credits, and early term abortions, could not care less about gay marriage, and disfavor wandering aimlessly into wars. In most of these respects, Obama is far more liberal than I would like. I would love an excuse to vote against him in 2012. But he is a reasonable, intelligent, decent man with whose politics I disagree. When I look at Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, the tea parties, more of the ignorant woman, Huckabee, Gingrich et al., I’m disgusted,” a commenter at The National Review.

March 3, 2011

Islamophobia Watch

by Vince Giordano
January 11, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

H/T: Tony Auth

January 4, 2011

Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince Giordano

H/T: Tony Auth

December 20, 2010

The Tea Party vs. The Methodist Church

by Vince Giordano

Judson Phillips, the founder of the Tea Party Nations, blasts the Methodist church for supporting the DREAM act, as well as other completely outrageous ideas such as supporting economic justice, opposing the unfunded war in Iraq, and fighting global poverty. This is when patriotism goes too hysterical?

December 16, 2010

The Tea Party is not Love

by Vince Giordano

Lisa Sharon Harper explains:

Last week I sat at a breakfast table with prominent New York City faith leaders. The topic of the morning was: “In this post-election moment, what issues are you passionate about? And what scripture lays the foundation for your passion?” Great question. We each had five minutes to share.

I answered that there are two major commands in scripture. 1. Love God/ love your neighbor, 2. Do not fear. Why does fear matter so much? Because, according to Jesus, fear is the opposite of faith. Fear compels us to take things into our own hands. It tells us to crush our neighbors and ultimately, to crush the image of God on earth through oppression, greed, and apathetic disengagement, which allows poverty and injustice to thrive.

I’m heartbroken right now. The Tea Party movement rose in this country on a wave fear. It is a fear-based movement. It is not based on love.

Rand Paul was elected to the Senate after saying he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1964. This is not love.

The irony continues, especially since the majority of the Tea Party claims a divinity in either the Constitution or the Bible.