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March 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

by Vince

“Without solitude, it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life.” –Henri J.M. Nouwen

February 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

by Vince

“I sit on my favorite rock, looking over the brook, to take time away from busy-ness, time to be… it’s something we all need for our spiritual health, and often we don’t take enough of it.”
Madeleine L’Engle

October 24, 2010

Sunday Ponderings

by Vince

This is a slow Sunday for me. Everyone is out of the house. The silence within the house is somewhat therapeutic. I have had a rather busy week. Aside from working a few days this week, yesterday I helped chip branches and then watched a friend play in a rugby match. By 8 o’clock at night, I wasn’t falling over asleep but was dozing off inside.

I soon after go to sleep. I have a plethora of dreams that I vaguely remember now. One involved being in high school (I think?) and I was taking Spanish (and enjoying it!). I awake from a sound night of sleep and am rather groggy. Coffee has helped.

I now sit here wondering what to do with my day. I would like to get some exercise in, some reading, some organizing of my teaching files, and maybe fit in an afternoon NFL game. The house will be quiet for another three hours so we will see how this unfolds.

I may tinker with the theme and header on the blog a bit, too.

July 31, 2010

Alone is Ok

by Vince

Hat tip: The Daily Dish

July 26, 2010


by Vince

Abbie Smith warns of the ramifications found in solitude:

The thing with being alone is that when you enter its presence, you realize there aren’t a lot of answers. There aren’t ways to fix your plight, or safeguard your horizon. You are you, standing in the face of you, and there is nowhere to turn. You can lessen its weight, or distract its weighty implications, but once felt, the raw face of your self will never leave you alone. If you desire comfort and ease and the romantic highs of an illusion, never let yourself be truly alone. But if you desire the truth of yourself, and truthful state your soul, wholly embracing the reality of who you are and who you are not, seek solitude and wait for holy union.

I remember in college, I voluntarily took a week to be as silent as I could. I chose this because I felt I came to the point of exhaustion from all of my daily doings. I would have different meetings, classes, or swim practices spread throughout my day and I brought along with me something to read or do for that little bit of time in between. It hit me as I was meeting with a friend and my mind was hazy, I was tired, and I couldn’t come to a clear mindset. I was exhausted. The quote from the “preacher” in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes comes to mind when I think of this:

“…much study wearies the body.”

I hope this article is interesting to those out there n0t fully into spiritual formation. Solitude is something I struggle to make happen in my own life. I find it much easier reading and just being silent. I don’t know if I have fully experienced the fruits of solitude, but that doesn’t stop me from being directed towards it in different seasons of life.