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October 1, 2010

Pinpointing The Strands of Islam

by Vince

Claire Berlinski on NROtv wonders what a moderate Muslim looks like (not physically).

Is moderate Islam philosophically possible?  Of course it is–it’s a dominant strain of Islam.  And yes, there are moderate Muslims.  Whether there are many of them is the question we should be asking ourselves.

I really really really don’t know why we as humans – white Christians many times fall for this- try to wrap our heads around answering these unanswerable questions. More so, who cares!? Why do we even entertain these hypothetical questions: do you think your neighbor is a terrorist? is it truly possible to be a moderate Muslim? does Islam allow for moderation? We do not know these cultures, we can never fully grasp their inner workings from a full lifestyle perspective, and trying to engage in these fruitless topics leads us into conversations that have really very little to do with our day to day lives.