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June 1, 2011

Long Read and Slideshow of the Day

by Vince

Rolling Stone puts forth a biased (is it?) piece and slideshow on Roger Ailes, spinmaster behind Fox News.

September 30, 2010

Obama’s Political Direction

by Vince

Andrew Sullivan annihilates Bill O’Reilly’s sermon claiming Barack Obama has gone to the far left since being elected:

He says first that in foreign policy, progressives believe that America is a “bully” and “too aggressive.” Obama, however, has retained most of Bush’s executive powers against al Qaeda (except, critically, torture), has poured more troops into Afghanistan than was ever the case under Bush, has ramped up the drone campaign in Pakistan, retained Bush’s defense secretary, stuck to Bush’s withdrawal timetable in Iraq, and embraced targeted killings of al Qaeda operatives, even US citizens. On Iran, Obama has managed to get a far more comprehensive and global set of economic sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards, and has refused to take military force off the table. Obama, moreover, went to Oslo to defend the necessity of war while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. For this record, O’Reilly says Obama represents the pursuit of “peace at pretty much any price.” There is no other description of this than a travesty of the truth.

Also, check out the Rolling Stone interview with Barack himself.

September 6, 2010

Propaganda Candy

by Vince

Conor Friedersdorf breaks down the above video:

Aside from being totally ahistorical, the song is very catchy, and I’m sure it’ll be an effective propaganda tool.That’s enough for a lot of people who know better to embrace it. The irony is that one could write completely true lyrics that made the case against an overweening federal government, invoking everything from drug laws to the health care bill to No Child Left Behind, and it would be even more powerful for being correct. But that would require more thought than lazily relying on a convenient narrative, and when political allies applaud one another regardless, where’s the incentive to do better? Thank goodness the actual Founders came so much closer to sound arguments and accurate grievances in their declarations. Obviously that generation produced its share of nonsensical propaganda too, but the most consequential writing passed down is so much more than that.

Since I have generally been away from the computer this weekend, this was the first time I saw this video. It packs a lot of punches from start to finish and is worth a critical look.