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November 19, 2010

Awakening a Monster

by Vince

Doug Mataconis doesn’t see racism as the leading force behind the Tea Party but the bad economy. No brainer? Well, they didn’t care about spending under Bush II when the economy was in good shape. They care a lot about spending now and the economy is in dire straits. Poor Obama – all of this falls on his shoulders as Bush is basically forgotten.

November 1, 2010

Reads and Watches

by Vince

For your Monday escape:

Barack Obama was the first president to sit in on the Daily Show.

Andrew Sullivan shows how we skim the headlines, or how they ride over us. He also scratches his head in confusion over Barack Obama’s marriage beliefs.

Finally, Megan McArdle has a fine piece out that wonders which American political party is actually serious about the deficit.

October 18, 2010

The Obama Coalition Crumbles

by Vince

Was it a misstep of Obama, Pelosi, et al to say that they would change Congress and put forth the best, most ethical governing body ever? Maybe. That takes time, but Obama cannot change the hearts, minds, and souls of hundreds of Reps, Senators, Governors, and all within the administration, let alone the country that fuels each organ of government.

Historically, the view of the president goes down (or does it?) the tube if the economy takes a swan dive, and he still isn’t below those such as Reagan and Clinton if you look at their 6th quarters. Obama proves to not be any exception to that, and that can be a humbling mechanism.

September 30, 2010

Obama’s Political Direction

by Vince

Andrew Sullivan annihilates Bill O’Reilly’s sermon claiming Barack Obama has gone to the far left since being elected:

He says first that in foreign policy, progressives believe that America is a “bully” and “too aggressive.” Obama, however, has retained most of Bush’s executive powers against al Qaeda (except, critically, torture), has poured more troops into Afghanistan than was ever the case under Bush, has ramped up the drone campaign in Pakistan, retained Bush’s defense secretary, stuck to Bush’s withdrawal timetable in Iraq, and embraced targeted killings of al Qaeda operatives, even US citizens. On Iran, Obama has managed to get a far more comprehensive and global set of economic sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards, and has refused to take military force off the table. Obama, moreover, went to Oslo to defend the necessity of war while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. For this record, O’Reilly says Obama represents the pursuit of “peace at pretty much any price.” There is no other description of this than a travesty of the truth.

Also, check out the Rolling Stone interview with Barack himself.