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September 4, 2010

Using Procrastination to Your Benefit

by Vince

Dan Ariely explains how setting dates and goals and sharing them with others helps in the end:

Interestingly, we found that the majority of students committed to earlier deadlines, and that this ability to commit resulted in higher grades.  More generally, it seems that simply offering students a tool by which they could pre-commit publically to deadlines can help them achieve their goals.

How does this finding apply to non-students? When resolving to reach a goal—whether it is tackling a big project at work or saving for a vacation, it might help to first commit to a hard and clear deadline, and then inform our colleagues, friends, or spouse about it with the hope that this clear and public commitment will help keep us on track and ultimately fulfill our resolutions.

This sounds pro-community and may serve as a challenge to those who aren’t best suited for longer term planning (myself included).