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December 5, 2010

Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Military

by Vince Giordano

Linda Hirshman wrote a thoughtful piece about the combo of homosexuality, serving in the military, and marriage in wake of the hearings to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. If you look back to the 1960’s movements for gay rights and anti-war protests, who would of guessed that gays would want to be in the military? On the other hand, many shouldn’t be surprised with the paradoxical GOP:

Conservatives are normally out there urging people to fight and to marry. A conservative president launched two wars, and conservatives tried to impeach the adulterous Bill Clinton. When it comes to gays and lesbians wanting to defend their country or provide a stable, loving union, the right wing is suddenly on the other side.

Why are they fighting?

Gays argue that open service and same sex marriage are matters of simple equality—which sounds good, because everyone agrees that inequality is un-American and bad. But the contest over equality cannot possibly account for the passion on both sides of these issues. Who is against equality, abstractly? The fight is hot because gays are seeking equal access to the very social institutions, marriage and the military, that confer social approval. In America, and in most of western culture, the soldier and the householder are models of social virtue. If gays can marry and serve their country, well, “Gay is Good” as the old movement button says.

Breaking this down shows how many gays are forced to live lives equal to second rate citizens. Whether those who support DADT and are against same-sex marriage intend that outcome or not, this is what is imbued into their realities. In the case of DADT, the government is called to enforce and uphold Judeo-Christian “morals” when last time I checked there was a separation of church and state. No government is to support or trample on any religious institution. The church already calls gays sinners and throws them down into the ranks of being untouchables. Now the church wants to continue having the state enforce their morals in an ambiguous and guised manner.

Many of the hot topic issues today have the ability of being labeled “the civil rights issue” of our time; homosexuality and having openly gay military members serving, both intertwined yet separate, are strikingly resemblant of Plessy v. Ferguson:

The Pentagon noted that some of the resistance it found to open service came from “moral and religious objections to homosexuality.” Without missing a step, the report continued, “aside from that, much of the concern about ‘open’ service is driven by misperceptions and stereotypes,” which were “exaggerated” and “inconsistent with” the military’s actual experience, concluding, without another word about peoples’ religious morality, that the policy should be repealed.

Separating the classes, groups, and or those with different sexual orientations divides our country, our humanity, and threatens our national security. Also, Hirshman singles out the unwritten qualifications required for presidency or high office. Just as our presidents have to have a church / religious experience to be considered ripe for our commander and chief position, so do they have to be normal in terms of having a heterosexual marriage and a glowingly unblemished family. Again, we have a separation of church and state but Judeo-Christian morals and ideals are upheld as normal and “the way”. You’ll be damned to not follow them if you want to be president or a “normal” citizen, so goes today’s wind.

October 11, 2010

Reax to the Question of the Week

by Vince Giordano

You can still email me your answers at vgiordano at gmail dot com. The question was:

Why do some see it necessary, to the point of passing laws, for life to be protected in relevance to abortion but seem anti-life with supporting wars, capital punishment, and loathing government acting as safety nets for those down and out and in need of nourishment and support?

One reader responded:

It’s called JUSTICE.

You’re comparing apples and oranges to ask why “pro-life” individuals may or may not see anything wrong with capital punishment.  Capital punishment is exactly that, punishment.  It is the government’s effort to administer justice for wrong doing, where abortion is “capital punishment” to babies who have done no wrong.

Now, the second part of your question is a little insulting.  You make it sound as if everyone who is pro-life is against the government lending a hand to those in need.
I’m certainly not against an organized system in place in our governement that allows for fiscal aid/support to be given to the “down and out and in need of nourishment and support?”  However, the system currently in place is corrupt and abused and in need of serious reform.  My mom currently works for “Head Start” a notorious government-funded organization.  She tells me of the 65in flat screen TV in some of the homes she visits. Homes of non-disabled, non-working parents whose children are receiving free meals and childcare. Am I not allowed to be upset about that??

You are also mixing church and state.  You either must come from a viewpoint that says “We are one nation under God, founded on Judeo-Christian principles and values, which are to guide our governing and law-making, using the already established Constitution as a basis for law and justice”  OR “we are a nation ruled by humans, with no influence from religion, God, the Bible, or the church, and relying on none other than our own understanding, judgment and humanistic common sense.” That’s basically it.

Of course I have some harsh words of my own for the wimpy, apathetic, selfish, non-Jesus-like Church of today, but all I can do is MY part. And I’m doing my part to BE Jesus to those I meet, and BE the Church by involving myself in community organizations and efforts to reach out, and by trying to find/vote for leaders who have a worldview as much like the “one-nation-under-God” one as possible.
And as for the pro-life stance differing from issue to issue….  Read your Bible.  You’ll find that Justice, as it relates to crime and punishment, is biblical.  Murder, as it relates to the killing of the unborn, irrefutably not biblical.

2 verses I’ve probably quoted to you before:
Isaiah 1:16b-17
Stop doing wrong,
learn to do right!
Seek justice,
encourage the oppressed.
Defend the cause of the fatherless,
plead the case of the widow.

James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
to look after orphans and widows in their distress
and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.