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May 27, 2011

Some Reading For The Rapture That Wasn’t

by Vince

Hearts and Minds has some great ones. Money quote (but there are so many to pick when reading their stuff!):

I think we have regrets about the weekend End fiasco because, as Gabe Lyons nicely put it on Good Morning America, this stuff distracts us from our real purpose and work, from being busy serving God and neighbor.  Some evangelicals (although actually fewer than you might think, I’d say) have allowed end-times speculations, bizarre interpretation of Daniel and Revelation, and weird methods of counting of numbers and names in the Bible to determine who the anti-Christ might be, to distract them from serious missional engagement.  I hate to sound snide about it–and I pray that I do not–but sometimes when well-meaning customers come in the story asking for books of “prophecy” (like is American in the ends times, a la John Haggee, say) I direct them to Haggai commentaries.  Spend some time with Amos or Habakkuk, I sometimes suggest, if you want prophecy. Eugene Peterson’s wonderful and slightly revised Run With the Horses(IVP; $15.00) is a fabulously rich and easy-to-read set of meditations on Jeremiah.   God’s prophets spoke into their times, calling for social reform and holiness and justice and cultural repentance, they didn’t just invite people to try to predict the future. How can we help folks get that?

February 9, 2011

What Would Jesus Cut in our Budget?

by Vince

I am not one for postering everywhere WWJD but Sojo asks a good question and provides a good rationale:

Military and defense spending make up over half of the federal discretionary budget. If instead of a 2 percent increase the defense budget took a 2 percent cut, it would save almost $10 billion this year(1).

The biblical prophets make clear that a nation’s righteousness is ultimately determined not by its GNP or military might — but by how it treats its most vulnerable people. Jesus says our love for him will be demonstrated by how we treat the “least of these.”

Time and time again, war hawks toy with the image of Jesus and replace his empathy for the poor and skepticism of “the powers that be” with punch lines from Proverbs and the apostle Paul’s epistles. Ask Mother Teresa if Jesus would give to the poor (he did) or if he would ask them to help themselves first before he would “give them a handout”. Its truly insane that even much of the prophets (Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, et al.) messages of street theater for social justice and speaking out against nationalist armies have been washed away. I hope in the coming years the original message of the Bible resurfaces.

In the meantime, reading over the gospels and thinking about our budget is a good place to start. Lets truly think about values.