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September 12, 2010

A There’s Something About Mary Moment

by Vince

Have you ever seen this clip before?

In There’s Something about Mary, Ben Stiller thinks the police are talking to him about picking up a hitchhiker. The police really are talking about the dead man in a bag in Stiller’s car that the hitchhiker left there. It makes for a funny misunderstanding.

I was in the Harrisburg airport today with MJ and being my goofy self. I was in the parking garage playing with the alarm feature on her Pap’s car. When we were leaving and I ran ahead to get the car, I held the key set in the air, looked back and MJ, and yelled, “You just have to press the red button!” I didn’t understand until later but I can imagine that what I said sounded like a terrorist remark. I forgot too that it was the day after 9/11. Lucky for me the airport was pretty¬†barren and MJ could only shake her head and laugh.