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November 28, 2010

A New Type of Thanksgiving

by Vince Giordano

Thanksgiving weekend is just about a wrap and I wanted to log some thoughts and reflections.

MJ and I arrived Thursday just after 3pm. It was a messy Thanksgiving day; the roads had ice on the edges and slush in some parts. It was a neat experience driving north and seeing more and more of the land covered in snow and or the branches frozen over with ice.

Each of our nights were spent sinking our teeth into spectacular meals. Thanksgiving’s meal was succulent and every aspect of it was delicious. The turkey was so soft yet thick at the same time. Friday’s dinner was a fish fry. Saturday’s was white and red pizza with salad. Each breakfast was at this new spot we tried out that had amazingly soft, tasty, and flaky biscuits. We also acquired a can of peanuts, had some delicious h’orderves before dinner, some drinks, and enjoyed unscheduled naps. In certain moments when we ate, I tried to focus on my feasting:

The practice of feasting with food is about learning to experience fully the extraordinary gift of this life and respond with gratitude.When you take a bite of food just pay attention to the sensation and pleasure that the food activates on your palate. Remember that God gave you taste buds for the main purpose of pleasure and enjoyment. Attend to that taste and sensation closely, don’t swallow too quickly.

In Thanksgivings of yore for our family, we all stayed in one room and sat around watching TV or reading. Much of it was individual. I also was not married back then either. This year had us in the main lobby a great deal of the time.

I didn’t get around to taking a picture of our spot but it had the rug as seen in the right side picture with a great fire around the clock. The lighting was dim but still possessed a welcoming aura.  There were plenty of chairs and sofas and the huge rug allowed for us to sit on it with King Louie and all gather for fireside chats. This aspect of the trip – being together, talking, playing with Lou, meeting new friends, drinking complimentary Starbucks coffee, planning the next activities – all mostly took place in this warm, welcoming spot. Unfortunately, this hotel will stop allowing pets as of July 2011.

The trip reminded me of my past and where I came from. It was a nice break from our routine days. The weather was quite cold and I loved that I was able to wear my scarf. Time working out with my brother was enjoyable. Exercising with a Navy seaman is fun and a joy to watch (we did these – 90 push ups total). Looking back, MJ and I didn’t spend much time on the computer or watching TV. Reading time was limited, too.  The library was great to go to; free wireless, free Atlantic and Nation magazines for the taking, and books galore were all at our fingertips.

I sit now in Huntingdon in a leather chair that has me sinking into a relaxed state. I am thankful for another day of break (I never had Monday’s off growing up; we didn’t live in hunting country). This cold weather mixed with holiday tunes, warm clothes, and the anticipation of holiday cookies and candles is all too much to fit into a short month.