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August 29, 2011

If this is the standard, we all have been abused

by Vince

White Whine, indeed.

June 12, 2011

Some Differences Between America and Germany

by Vince

are mapped out well by Gabor Rona. This seems to be the day of subjective material:

For one thing, the two countries have different visions of the purposes of the Geneva Conventions. In the European collective memory, war is as much a scourge on civilians as on combatants. For Americans, war happens elsewhere to US combatants, not to US civilians, the last major war fought on US soil having been a century and a half ago. In Europe, human rights and “humanitarian law” (as the laws of armed conflict are known there) are part of a broader school curriculum, as the Geneva Conventions require. In the US, the “laws of war” (as they are known there) are more exclusively the province of the military and you are lucky to find it taught in law school, let alone high school.

The two countries also differ greatly on enforcement of international human rights obligations. The main European human rights treaty, the European Convention on Human Rights, is enforced by an independent court. The main human rights treaty to which the US is a party, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, has no enforcement mechanism applicable to the US. Meanwhile, American courts typically refuse to enforce the Geneva Conventions and human rights law.

It is astounding that we hold other countries to such a high standard but seem to fail miserably in some major areas (human rights to name a biggie).

November 8, 2010

Grammar Nazi’s

by Vince

My grammar needs work.

September 18, 2010

Is it Legalism, Stupidity, or Dogmatism?

by Vince

Draino said he would vote for a politician that wasn’t a Christian so long as they had common sense. If you follow the trail through the hyper links, it is delving into these comments by Christine O’Donnell:

O’DONNELL: A lie, whether it be a lie or an exaggeration, is disrespect to whoever you’re exaggerating or lying to, because it’s not respecting reality.

MAHER: Quite the opposite, it can be respect.

IZZARD: What if someone comes to you in the middle of the Second World War and says, ‘do you have any Jewish people in your house?’ and you do have them. That would be a lie. That would be disrespectful to Hitler.

O’DONNELL: I believe if I were in that situation, God would provide a way to do the right thing righteously. I believe that!

MAHER: God is not there. Hitler’s there and you’re there.

O’DONNELL: You never have to practice deception. God always provides a way out.

Tim Wise continues the railing against O’Donnell. Here are a few points I have related to O’Donnell:

  1. I never got around to writing this in my last post on O’Donnell, but I believe she is going to be somewhat similar to Scott Brown. O’Donnell hasn’t been elected yet as Senator and the majority of pundits who rip into her won’t be able to vote for her anyway. She is different than a mayor or governor in that her possible reach could be national, but lets not get ahead of ourselves – she hasn’t been elected yet. Scott Brown comes to mind when I think of O’Donnell because of her rise in a super blue state. Could this be a landslide entrance beginning for the GOP? We’ll see. Some may fear this could be a wave coming in with a New age of conservatives. The Bush conservatives are out and the Tea Party conservatives are in. This could affect our social policies and laws and I would be interested to see how this affects our country fiscally. All of this talk about cutting “waste”, “pork barrel spending”, and other largesses may have to come to the policy board and be shown that they 1) are vague 2) not that large of the federal debt as one may assume and 3) do not even compare to the costs of social security, medicare/medicaid, and defense. Why would a bunch of fear mongering baby boomers want the social security or defense budgets cut? These are some of the programs that make them feel so comfortable and secure.
    In the end, I am not overly worried but intrigued by this possibility of GOP control. Hopefully there can be some opportunities for better bipartisanship if the GOP takes control of the House or Senate.
  2. I could dedicate a whole other post to this, but I am curious why Tim Wise, Andrew Sullivan, and other bloggers/media heads are picking on O’Donnell for her anti-masturbation stance. This may not be her standing for the issue, but masturbation can put a clear wedge between spouses and strongly distorts our outlook on sexual encounters, how they should be, and further blurs the line between fantasy, reality, and expectation.
  3. O’Donnell’s stance with refusing to lie (hypothetically) to the Nazi’s sounds to be an ideological decision in line with respecting leadership as ordained by God (Romans 13:1-7). Although saying that there were Nazi’s hiding in her home and giving them over would save her life, where does that line up with standing up for the orphan and against injustice? I am sure this hypothetical situation has been written extensively about and I wish for no one to ever have to face a similar one. Regardless, the context of the Nazi purging of Jews is important: many Germany citizens could of been obedient to Hitler at that point because they may of believed what he was doing was “taking back Germany” – bringing its economy and society up from its crypt due to the Jews.