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November 1, 2010

God, Gold, and Guns: A Mormon Innuendo?

by Vince

I chatted with my Mom the other day. Her and I talk often about her husband, my dad. He is a self employed landscaper whose career, finances, and every day to day nuance revolve around the weather. That subsequently brings him to listen to the weather constantly. He has had his fair share of ‘moments’ preparing for torrential rain fall or a snow storm and ends up receiving no rain or just a dusting. I feel that being let down, for lack of a better phrase, which when it happens isn’t as bad as he may let on, spurs some fear.

Fear of what, you may wonder? Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being able to keep up with work. Fear of losing customers in the case of weather extremes. Fear of not being able to pay for his overhead costs or his workers. Fear of running out of hours in the week. Fear of losing money. Many other fears may factor in but those listed and others I couldn’t come up with are what I was presented with growing up in his house.

Back to talking to my Mom the other day. She said he was worried, which doesn’t surprise me nor is it unusual. Every year, like clock worth, he gets worried about not being able to finish his work on time for the family Thanksgiving trip. I asked if that was the worry but it wasn’t, or it hasn’t been vocalized yet. She said his worry was twofold wrapped together: two close friends of his said he should buy gold because of the value of the dollar and he should stock up on food because we are going to run out of food soon in America.

I have never understood the gold craze. As my Mom said, you can’t take your brick of gold in to the super market and buy groceries. She said she pressed my Dad for some details and he said his friend owns some gold. For him, there was a fee to buy the gold in addition to the cost of the gold in itself. There was even a fee to sell the gold in the end. My Mom asked my Dad the ironic question: do your friends own gold? His answer: no.

This transitioned into my Dad hearing from “his friends” that he should stockpile food in a pantry in case of some sort of apocalypse. My Mom and he already do that to a certain degree (they once had oatmeal for a good price at the Walmart near me in college and when he was in town, he bought at least 12 of them and wiped the shelves clean). My mom doesn’t fall for this wingnut crap, and me saying that about the general topic of food scarcity doesn’t mean I take the thought as poppycock but I do with the irrational fear mongering currently in some corners. I still asked her, for my Dads sake, to think about all of the Walmart’s (some the size of football fields, just stop and think about that), Targets, food stores, Dollar stores, Malls, restaurants, and other leisurely palaces when the thought comes up of us turning into a rationed Soviet Union devoid of food anytime soon. Take also into consideration the political walls that would need to be bulldozed to get there. Unfortunately, the rather radical, and definitely irrational, view of Barack Obama makes the notion of this food scarcity thought have a heart beat.

I instantly thought of two major themes in this conversation but my thoughts evolved afterwards when I talked to MJ. First, I thought about Glenn Beck and his Goldline endorsements.GB’s website warning ties this all in:

When the system eventually collapses, and the government comes with guns and confiscates, you know, everything in your home and all your possessions, and then you fight off the raving mad cannibalistic crowds that Ted Turner talked about, don’t come crying to me. I told you: get gold. (emphasis mine).

This all made me talk with MJ about GB and his normal (to me) fear mongering. She mentioned, as the studious girl she is with a major in religion, that the Church of Latter Day Saints is very focused on the end times and looking to understand the ‘signs of the times‘.

After reading a chunk of that, a light bulb clicked on in my head. I only wonder if the masses who listen to Glenn Beck, some avowed Christians and some not, know he is possibly spewing Mormon innuendo’s of the end times. I emphasize the word ‘possibly’ because I haven’t done, in my opinion, enough digging to back that up. Another part of that requires GB to say something personally about this regarding his views, which if he doesn’t then I will never know the full extent this.

In the end, I find that possibility intriguing. This one, too, which just so happens to be connected to him, is also intriguing. And while I am at it, Jon Stewart does what he does best with the Glenn Beck / Goldline love affair.

October 25, 2010

Glenn Beck, Jesus and Mormonism

by Vince

I am always confused when I listen/watch Glenn Beck. However, over the last few weeks, I have been wondering something. This may be a silly theological detail that I missed out on, but why does Glenn Beck go on and on about Jesus Christ and the God of Christianity? He rambles on and on about this political influence on the “spiritual” lives of Americans and went into deeper detail over liberation theology not too long ago. Doesn’t he not believe the same God but the one revealed through Joseph Smith?

Update: This website helped me out, duh. This post was good for me though because I have been struggling with writers block a bit.