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March 4, 2011

H.I.I.T. – “Go Hard”

by Vince Giordano

I shot over and joined in on my Gold’s Gym H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) class. I knew that H.I.I.T. was similar to Plyometrics so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Now that I look back, I believe this class gave me a whirl. Here was the workout.
Note(s): today was the 46th birthday of a lady in our class. To wish her a happy birthday, our whole workout revolved around sets of 46 reps, 46 seconds, or in times divisible by 46. What a joy! Also, at the end of sets 1 & 2, we all did jumping jacks until the last person finished their set and then we did a set of jumping backs all together for 30 seconds.

Stretch, ride on stationary bike for 5~ minutes then 2-3 minutes standing up ride on the bike.

Set #1
46 air squats
46 step lunges (23 each leg)
46 push ups
46 step lunges
46 push ups
46 air squats

Set #2
46 dips
46 box jumps
46 burpees

At this point, any water I have sipped on feels as if it is about to come up and out of me. I haven’t felt like this since my novice swim team days.

Set #3
Mountain climbers
-We did two sets of these. The first set was for 46 seconds and the second for 1:32. The kicker was that instead of doing them normally we placed hand towels under our feet. We did this on a wood finished floor so we were sliding and getting no breaks. We modified by going down from our hands to our forearms.

Set #4
A variation of push ups that I don’t have a name for.
We would start standing up straight, bend over to place our hands on the floor, let our hands walk down to get us into the plank position (keeping our feet planted in the original position) then doing a push up. Finally, push yourself all the way back up. I emphasized keeping my legs straight and not bending my knees and this felt like a frontal deltoid attack.
We did this for three sets: 46 seconds, 1:32, and  2:30.

Set #5
Dreya rolls“.
If you have flexible hip flexors or have gymnastics experience, lucky you. You can probably do this without using your hands.

Set #6
Lie and Stand dumbbell exercise (I know there is a proper name for this but I can’t recall it.
It goes like this. You lie down with one arm in the air with a dumbbell in hand. The leg on the same side of the arm in the air is bent. The other leg is flat. Your goal is to keep your eyes on the DB at all times. You slowly stand up, working one leg up, using the other arm for support, and stand up fully, eyes on the DB. Then you work your way back down to the start position with eyes still on the DB. Do 15-20 or so reps per arm.