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May 23, 2011

The Budget Crisis View Of Pennsylvanian Schools

by Vince

The impacts are stark:

  • About 31 percent of districts are considering cutting full-day kindergarten next year, compared with 1 percent that eliminated it this year.
  • About 86 percent of districts anticipate seeing class sizes increase next year, compared with 17 percent increasing this year.
  • 91 percent of districts don’t plan to fill empty positions next year, and about two-thirds plan to lay off instructional staff.
The full report (pdf) is worth a read.
March 18, 2011

Tax Breaks for the Rich vs. Budget Cuts in one graph

by Vince

Again and again, who in a sane mind believes that the GOP is out for the middle class guy? Unless by middle class you mean millionaire.

Hat tip: Good

February 15, 2011

Crushing Political Cartoon of the Day

by Vince

Auth just single handedly ended the GOP.

H/T: Tony Auth

July 12, 2010

Are Libraries Necessary?

by Vince

Marilyn Johnson ponders over the closings of or cuts in libraries over the past years:

I’ve spent four years following librarians as they dealt with the tremendous increase in information and the ways we receive it. They’ve been adapting as capably as any profession, managing our public computers and serving growing numbers of patrons, but it seems their work has been all but invisible to those in power.

I’ve talked to librarians whose jobs have expanded with the demand for computers and training, and because so many other government services are being cut. The people left in the lurch have looked to the library, where kind, knowledgeable professionals help them navigate the bureaucracy, apply for benefits, access social services. Public officials will tell you they love libraries and are committed to them; they just don’t believe they constitute a “core” service.