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August 31, 2011

Twin Tower Cameos

by Vince Giordano

With the anniversary of 9/11 coming up, this should give you some movies to watch:


The Twin Towers’ “all-too-short film career” is celebrated in Dan Meth‘s commemorative collection of World Trade Center cinematic cameos.

August 27, 2011

Movie Titles In Movies

by Vince Giordano
June 11, 2011

“You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” – A Montage

by Vince Giordano
June 6, 2011

Too Big To Fail

by Vince Giordano

In 80 seconds.

June 2, 2011

Tarantino’s Slave Movie

by Vince Giordano

will be starring Will Smith. This sounds awesome:

Django Unchained, where an escaped slave, played by Will Smith, seeks to free his wife and exact revenge on his former masters.

Full preview here.

May 27, 2011

Leading Up To HP 7 Part II

by Vince Giordano


With less than 50 days to go until HP7 part II hits theaters, YouTuber Genrocks of Filmography 2010 fame employs her unique editing skills to take a pensieve look back at a decade of Harry Potter films in a special retrospective featuring clips from all eight films set to a mashup of dredg and John Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme.”

May 22, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises [2012]

by Vince Giordano

Gah, it’s coming, and I can’t wait.

May 21, 2011

Cinema’s Best Sandwiches

by Vince Giordano
May 15, 2011

“Cold Water on a Hot Day”

by Vince Giordano

This is a great video, but a great quote can also go with it:

“In the end, like in Stardust Memories, we all get flushed. The beautiful ones, the accomplished ones, the Einsteins, the Shakespeares, the homeless guys in the street with the wine bottles, all end up in the same grave. So, I have a very dim view of things, but I think about them, and I do feel that I’ve come to the conclusion that the artist can not justify life or come up with a cogent reason as to why life is meaningful, but the artist can provide you with a cold glass of water on a hot day,” – Woody Allen.

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May 12, 2011

Early Father’s Day Gift

by Vince Giordano

A mash-up from some of our cinema dads.

May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

by Vince Giordano

With a cinematic mash-up:

April 13, 2011

Never Saying Goodbye in a Movie

by Vince Giordano

A short compilation of people hanging up without saying goodbye in the movies.

April 2, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

by Vince Giordano

A long but crazy part of The Departed. Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) is dealt a plate of bricks.

March 31, 2011

The Dark Knight Chase Scene

by Vince Giordano

Enjoy this awesome scene from one of my favorite movies.

March 31, 2011

Mark Walhberg in The Departed

by Vince Giordano

Epic (and curse-laden) scene from the movie of the year from the other year.

March 12, 2011

Movie Review: Iron Man II

by Vince Giordano

I loved the first Iron Man. The second was good but just didn’t have the same feel as the first.

I felt the sequel wasted a good bit of time following Tony Stark around as he was going through his little crisis. Tony’s ego issue seemed to reveal his wasteful lifestyle. Is it paradoxical that the plutonium in his chest killing him coincided with him destroying everything around him (his relationship with Pepper, his corporation, his house, his friendships)?

I remember a while back seeing the previews for this movie and I thought that Obadiah (from Iron Man I) was Ivan (pictured). Ivan, to me, was an impressive bad guy. His ruthlessness, quiet brilliance flew under the radar of most of the fast talking American arms sellers and celebs (most notably, Hammer). If you had the patience to ask him a question or to listen carefully to his Russian-tinted English, you could get a better sense of who he was. Unfortunately, not many people, Tony Stark included, took that opportunity.

The ending in my opinion was abrupt. I would of thought Ivan would’ve gone out with more of a bang (no pun intended). I did love the symbolism around Ivan – reflecting Ivan the Terrible from Russia.

This sequel definitely convinced me of Tony Stark’s character flaws. His narcism was more than evident in the first installment. I believe both movies built on showing the inner flaws of Tony Stark – his inability to let anyone close, his constant jabbering, his egocentrism, and his hereditary motto that he is protecting America by taking out his competition, shipping off his problems back to Russia, and battling for an entire movie a man willing to avenge his fathers death by the hands of a corrupt war machine.

Both movies are well worth watching and gave me a lot of “oh man!” or “ouch!” moments.

January 26, 2011

Know a Better Shoot Out Scene?

by Vince Giordano

I just finished watching this movie.

January 13, 2011

Map of the Day

by Vince Giordano

Click here for the enlarged version. Also, maps of American states and their most representative movies and TV shows.


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January 11, 2011

Greatest Movie Insults Ever

by Vince Giordano

The Top 100:

along with the “other” top 100:

Saddle up for some laughs (and profane language).

December 27, 2010

Movie Review: A Prophet

by Vince Giordano

I forget how I heard about this movie, but I just got to watch it. A Prophet received four stars and is a French film. It is a story of a 19-year old inmate named Malik who serves a 6-year prison sentence and is forced to survive on the inside.

Malik, an Arab, comes to work for the Corsican mafia. As time progresses and respect is garnered, Malik moves up in rank. Its quite a watch to see such a young kid form into the mold of a gritty type of Euro/Asian crime character.

Many points in this movie are disturbing, eerie, graphic, or lewd. The first man Malik kills with a razor blade haunts him throughout the movie. His ghost joins him in his cell, scars and all showing just as in Beetlejuice, with his cigarettes smoke blowing out. As the movie progresses, Malik is able to go out on day leaves for “work”. His work is often jobs for his boss Cesar and is often dangerous, sometimes rewarding, and usually brings him back past his due time (this eventually lands him in the hole).

I wouldn’t give high recommendations for this movie unless you want to see a film of dark substance depicting life inside prison.

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