ReadWatchShare, as it has been called since May 12th, 2011, tries to reflect its name. We (a group of diverse writers who are only know by our ‘handles’ or usernames) post items for reading, comment on current affairs, suggest books, and share our interests in reading at-large. We also, just as every reader, like to put our books and magazines down from time to time and watch movies and video clips. Youtube and Vimeo are treasure chests filled with troves of “mental health break” videos, music videos, lectures, academic discussions, and an extensive amount of videos no better classified as in the”laugh your ass off” category.

We go through cycles with posting; we may post a dozen times in one day and then a dozen times in one week. We apologize for this change in pace but please understand this is due to our (again, the writers) schedules, time, and energy. We do this for free but enjoy having the opportunity to write when we can and feel in the mood.

Please subscribe to us via email or with your RSS service (links for both of these options at the bottom of the page) so to get the latest posts sent right to you! Thanks for visiting and please feel free to email us at vgiordano@gmail.com

**If you are having trouble viewing a small image, click Ctrl and the plus sign to enlarge (do the same but instead of the plus click the minus sign to minimize). If you are viewing a choppy Vimeo video, click on the HD button to disable HD viewing.

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