A Reading Sabbatical

by Vince

I decided this week that I would take an indefinite reading sabbatical. What does this mean? I am going to steer away from my daily online reading, which if you didn’t know, consists of a about two dozen or so blogs and online media outlets, as well as my own blogging/online writing, and start to chip away at my “to read” book list. This has been long overdue on my part. I have a hard time balancing both reading outlets (electronic and paper) and feel more pulled towards books at this point in life. The frenzy that I feel I get caught up in with blogs and the general media cycle can fall to the wayside for a while. I will still check a few blogs that I go to for pictures and articles that I can’t resist.

I will keep you all updated as to my return. There are some articles written here from time to time by other authors. Look for them!


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