USPS Is Going Belly Up

by Vince

Thanks in large to their union clause of “no lay-off’s”. With such a clause paired with hefty benefits and 80% of the budget spent on wages, how can you possibly run a sustainable business?


5 Comments to “USPS Is Going Belly Up”

  1. USPS was never successful to begin with. As a government function, every time they run out of money, they simply ask for another allocation. Before it does go under, I’d like to see them legalize competition. Lysander Spooner challenged the post office for the mail delivery business quite some time back, but Congress came to the rescue:

  2. Also, the link requires a login.

  3. Nevermind, visited it again and now it’s letting me in.

  4. So in a sense, the government protects its own and decides who can play and win.

  5. More like the government sticks its foot in the door, blames the market for the cold air coming in, and then takes over and bails out every time their business goes under. Remind you of anything in the recent past?

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