Selectively Doing Away With Pork Spending

by Vince

When a politician joins hand in hand with a crusade-type campaign against pork barrel spending (which is believed in some camps as the entire reason we are in debt), wouldn’t you then oppose all pork spending?

Rep. Michele Bachmann has gotten a lot of flak for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies from farm assistance programs she has decried as “outrageous pork.” Her opposition was well founded: The subsidies make our food less healthy and more carbon intensive and distort our trade with other countries. But Lindsey Boerma reports that Bachmann’s responding to the criticism by walking back her stance:

Not long ago, Rep. Michele Bachmann viewed farm subsidies as “outrageous pork.” But after a summer of blistering criticism about the nearly $260,000 in government handouts that went to a family farm partially owned by Bachmann and her husband, the archconservative and GOP presidential candidate softened her tone considerably in an interview with National Journal.

While she insisted that “our federal budget needs a complete overhaul, and agricultural subsidies are no exception,” Bachmann would not commit to doing away with them without seeing details of any future legislation. “If all farm subsidies were ended, that would be a complete change of policy over the last 80 to 90 years of American history, and that would be a very interesting vote,” she said. “So, of course, I would have to look at that before I could tell you how I was going to cast my vote.”

The hypocrisy of this “self-made woman” who I bet attests that she relies on no one.


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