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June 20, 2011

Paging the Sane Michele Bachmann

by Vince

Kellyanne Conway lionizes Michele Bachmann to a point where I nearly do not recognize the Minnesota pol. Do you know someone by the same name who is also running for president and is not promoting gloom and doom and is a “happy” warrior? If you find her, please let me know.

June 20, 2011

Delusional Depictions of Barack

by Vince

I am starting to wonder where people get the idea that Obama is anti-fatherhood (or parenting) as well as a non-Christian. Let’s start with the first one.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Obama circulated a message via email, radio address, and in People magazine. It doesn’t deviate from what he has talked about before (being raised fatherless) or how he lives his life today (a married father of two). Yet some on the right are surprised?

I know. So many of his policies do so much harm. I wish he would see the full picture. We need a president who does. We need leaders who do. But count me among those who are grateful Barack Obama is talking about the importance of fatherhood.

This beginning paragraph is somewhat of a ramble that I cannot find connecting to what Barack says about Father’s Day. By the way, good luck finding that president who sees the full picture. I find it funny and ironic that the GOP can hold the mantle of responsible, moral families when it is lead by Karl Rove (who has a gay dad) and Sarah Palin (who has a daughter who had a child out of wedlock). What about the Democratic president with the picturesque family?

This is not Bill Bennett or James Dobson. This is not National Review or the Knights of Columbus. This is Barack Obama in People.

Again, is there an expectation that Barack is to be advocating an extreme opposite of father’s being present in the lives of their children and family?

Now on to Barack and his faith. He obviously has been smeared by the right (the meme wasn’t helped by Hilary Clinton’s own mud slinging) as a Muslim, unwilling to commit to a church, and is a Democrat so he can’t be a real, true Christian (the party of God, the GOP, cannot answer without rationalizing why God would side with a pro-war, pro-rich, and mostly white party). I showed the following speeches to a friend:

My friend was blown away when he saw these videos:

Wow i got to say i’m impressed with Obama’s speech!  … maybe being President is changing his views on God and faith.

Changed from what?