How America Views It’s Moral Path

by Vince

has gone up in a positive light and gone down in a negative light:

This is somewhat surprising, considering the right-wing lamentations. But then again, that is only a slice of the pie that is growing in its polarization and being somewhat overshadowed by the rising 20-30s generations.

Also worth noting, these changes in perception follow political lines. No surprise there:

The change in public perceptions about the nation’s morals has come mostly from Democrats. Fifty-two percent of Democrats have a negative view of moral values, down from 65% in 2010. Democrats’ views of morality in the United States have changed direction several times in the past four years — their negativity rose to 77% in 2008, and then turned sharply less negative in 2009, coincident with Democrat Barack Obama’s taking office as president, but increased again in 2010.

Independents also became less negative about morals this year, while Republicans’ views did not change and, as such, remain mostly negative.

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