“Newt Is Done”

by Vince

In case you were thinking of voting Newt Gingrich in 2012:

I actually agree with Newt; Paul Ryan’s plan, which caters to the rich and the corporations and rips to shreds programs for the poor, for mothers, and those in need, is radical. Unfortunately for Newt, he is running for the Republican nomination. He flip flopped on Libya as well. While I don’t see flip flopping as a problem (we all reconsider things), his party does see it as a problem.

Newt responds:

OTB breaks this down:

So, Gingrich’s new defense is that David Gregory asked him a “trick question” and that he “misspoke.”

Gingrich is imploding. He’s imploding because he forgot that he’s not just a talking head pundit on television who can talk like a grand theorist and get away with it. He’s running for President, and trying to change your story on the fly doesn’t work in the era of YouTube.

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