Post-bin Laden Reflection on Violence

by Vince

I enjoy reading/listening to Chris Heuertz’s stuff, but I don’t know what to think when he and many other Christian theologians mention not resorting to violence when faced with people such as Osama Bin Laden. I don’t know if passive love is the answer in this case. However, Chris finishes his reflective piece with a note worth reading (the whole thing is worth reading, actually):

The luxury of the non-victim is to externalize victimhood, to espouse theories without the burden of living with the impact of them. Today we wake up in a new reality, one without Osama bin Laden, a reality that we now have the potential to shape. Without turning it into an externalized abstraction, may we reject the absurdity that violence has solved anything. May we work to create a new future where love is the rule and real peace is the goal.

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