A Multicultural Tea Party?

by Vince

Yes, I have seen Tea party members who are non-white (Herman Cain is one now in the spotlight) but I have also seen some in photos and videos on the front lines (Tea Party rallies). Regardless of those outlier individuals of non-white heritage, the group is generally above 45 years of age, white, middle class, and bitter.

Andrew Sullivan pushes back against any notion that the TP has anything to offer many other surging (and non-surging) demographic groups:

Does the Tea Party, even in its symbolism, welcome Hispanics? If so, why is the love so unreciprocated? Could it be the virulent cultural xenophobia and nostalgia that pulses through the movement? Does it welcome African-Americans, even as it demonizes and race-baits the first African-American president? Does it embrace women, even as it seeks to abolish all legal abortion under all circumstances? Does it appeal to the young, even as it refuses even to contemplate any civil rights for gay people?

Nice idea. But nowhere to be found.

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