Coming to Stupid Conclusions

by Vince

The National Review’s Corner blog usually is better than this:

All of that said, while the media focuses on attacking Donald Trump and the birthers (and Republicans), the question remains: Why did it take the president so long to release a document he apparently had all along? It’s strange.

The answer to that could offer an interesting look into the president and his White House, if the press were inclined to find out. Is it because President Obama has a streak off stubbornness? Remember the flag pin controversy and his initial refusal to wear one because he said didn’t like outward displays of patriotism?

Really? It’s possibly because he is stubborn? What about him not giving the time of day to wing nut conspiracies?

There’s also the continuing controversy over his infrequent church attendance and refusing to join any specific congregation. He claims it’s because he would make too much of a ruckus, even though past presidents have chosen a church, and despite the fact that more Americans believe now than when he was first elected that he’s Muslim. Why doesn’t he just start dropping in to church a little more often? Even Clinton went to church and held a Bible in the middle of impeachment.

Why does a grown man have to go to church just to satisfy your insecure notions of his Christian-ness?

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