The Sad Evolution of Pull-Up Bars

by Vince

I love pull ups. The secret is out. I love the challenge of getting my 200 lb body up and over a bar with different hand grips. P90X has brought on this new adoration for me.

The pull-up, a great compound exercise (one that works many muscle groups at once), does not seem to be a very popular exercise at corporate gyms. Go to any gym today (especially palace-type gyms – i.e. L.A Fitness) and you will find a handful of pull-up bars that are not at all bars. They branch out with little handles that make it difficult to grip and seem to de-fang this grueling, timeless exercise.

I am a member of Gold’s Gym and was even surprised that one I visited did not have a legit pull-up bar. Gold’s, to me, has always been a good mainline-type gym that strips down the glamor and focuses on the fundamentals (lots of DBs, good balance with machines, good environment in general to be serious and not at all representing a resort atmosphere). The closest pull-up bar was a Smith Machine cranked to the top (and this requires you to bend your knees so to not drag your feet).

All in all, pull-up bars sometimes are hard to come by. And to think it’s just a bar.

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