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March 30, 2011

Badasses of the Week

by Vince

A quick note – I am down to 20 some papers left to grade. Yay!

I usually end up watching some of Jim Rome is Burning before PTI and Around the Horn. I really don’t care much for Jim Rome and his screed-like sarcasm and jerk-like tendencies.

When I saw him giving one of his final burns today (sorry for the bad quality, it’s the best I could get for today’s show) to the Dallas Mavericks for being a soft team, I yawned a bit. Jim, however, shocked me with the news on the few Dallas players.

Have you heard about Caron Butler? Butler shifted his knee back in place after injuring it in a game so that he wouldn’t have to be carted off the court in-front of his Mom and Grandma. His teammate, Shawn Marion, also has a really disgusting finger injury and it isn’t keeping him from playing.

These guys are bamf’s and get my hat tip for the week.

March 30, 2011

Grading is Self-Inflicting

by Vince

I want to start write a piece about living in the present moment and the impacts of wishing today away for a desired tomorrow but I am still grading papers. I had my students write a 1-page paper giving three reasons why a terrorist should and shouldn’t get the right to a lawyer (as based on the 2004 Supreme Court case of Rasul v. Bush). I have at least 30 papers left. I hope to be done soon! I have PSSA’s to thank for this extra grading time.