Saturday Goodness

by Vince

Last night was full of great times with friends in the valley. It brought me to bed just after 11:30pm and I slept so well. Waking up today from the sunshine across my face at 8:30am felt great.

MJ, BM, and I headed out for the morning. We stopped at a few thrift shops and were surprised by the little gems we found. We picked up The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas, Just Courage by Gary Haugen, and God’s Politics by Jim Wallace (each for $1 or less). I also found a pristine DVD copy of 500 days of summer. I also had the chance while MJ and BM were in a harness shop to read the following pieces in the new Atlantic issue.

Now that we are home, we relax, read, possibly do some Plyo (only me), and take naps.

Here is what I am watching or reading up on from the net.

(Pictured is Stone Valley, PA in a wintry mix).

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