Question(s) for the Weekend

by Vince

I had a good chat with a friend the other day and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare, Obama’s health care plan, the health care plan that came to fruition after 30+ years of push) came up. This friend of mine mentioned that even though they (U.S. gov) may be trying to do a good deed, what will happen when all services are taken over and ran by the government?

This was a striking question for me. I hadn’t really thought about this for some time. I have mainly been caught up with the government doing what I see as the best for the common good.

So I leave you, the loyal readers, a few questions for this weekend: could America reach the point where all of its services and main entities are run or have been taken over by the government? Would that ruin America? Is there anything stopping America from getting to that point? Would that make America a bad place to live in?

Email your responses to vgiordano at gmail dot com.

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