Hypocritical Whining of the Day

by Vince

Some on the right do not like Media Matters. To me, MM is an entity dedicated to exposing as crap the media that matters. If you are a Glenn Beck fan, you should by now loath MM.

It is no secret that MM leans to the left. David Kahane has a recent piece that comes off as if a two-year old is throwing a very nasty fit:

I doubt you wingnuts spend much time over at Media Matters for America, the George Soros–funded website that gives gainful employment to a variety of hacks and non-entities in perpetual high dudgeon, busily engaged in the practice of monitoring media that matters for America. It’s a kind of charity, really, a place for those who might not otherwise find gainful employment either as real journalists or as Democrat state senators in Wisconsin to find some meaning in their lives — which they do by hating you. (emphasis mine)

One could make a turn in their piece after a paragraph like that and not write out a screed, ironically in a similar way to how MM writes about the right. That would be, gasp, hypocritical, wouldn’t it? I then read the rest (it is screed worthy) but the next two sentences suffice in making my point:

Warning: Reading anything on the MMFA website is a little like watching semi-literate chimps busily engaged in a poo-flinging contest hosted by Fox News, but we liberals are nothing if not compassionate, and the poor “senior fellows” and lesser primates who have to type this stuff are our fellow human beings, more or less.

So imagine my surprise when I, me and myself turned up as the subject of some Media Matters muttering, occasioned by one of the pearls I throw before you swine every week in my continuing effort to get you rapacious, Wall Street–loving, troglodytic, racist Rethuglican hatemongers to understand us fair and tolerant lefties better, so we can all just get along until that happy day when we can finally get rid of you with legal impunity.


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