The Ugly American

by Vince

Glenn Greenwald gives a backdrop to the above video:

In 2002, Duane Clarridge wrote a book lauding his clandestine work for the agency (CIA), and as part of his book tour, he was interviewed by the Australian journalist John Pilger.  The three-minute clip below from that interview is very worth watching.  The Washington Times‘ Eli Lake, who referenced the clip last night, described it as “a nice three minute summary of [the] foreign policy philosophy” of neocon extremist and McCain and Palin aide Michael Goldfarb.  It certainly is that (though I think Goldfarb’s “foreign policy philosophy” is more aptly summarized by (1) send other people but never me off to fight in endless wars; (2) vest the President with the powers of a King to prosecute those wars; and (3) the overarching objective is to serve the interests of the Israeli government, which can do no wrong).   But the reason this three-minute clip is so worth watching isn’t because it reflects the foreign policy of someone like that, but rather because — in broad terms — it reflects the foreign policy of the U.S. over the last several decades and especially the mindset driving and justifying it:

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