The GOP, again, Runs Over the Middle Class

by Vince

If you have a working brain, the ability to think, and don’t make over $250,000 a year, why would you ever vote again for the Republican Party? What has unfolded in Wisconsin has shown the true colors of the party of the rich. I always believe that people may claim to be anti-racist, caring, and loving but until they are faced with tough situations (building a mosque near Ground Zero, negotiating with state unions, reconfiguring unemployment benefits/tax cuts for the rich) their true colors do not show. Those hot plate issues show where our racist, plutocratic thoughts are (or show how they are lacking / put in thoughtful check).

The GOP, as propagated on Fox News and through various syndicated writers, gives lip service care to the middle class, promising that they look out for the little guys. What their decisions say, over and over and over again, is that they defend the rich, run over the middle class, and prop up wide brush theories that all takers of unemployment benefits are lazy sloths, all teachers are greedy and picket for better compensation, and have no problem holding bad apple cases up as the final, tell all example.

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