The Wisconsin Deal

by Vince

The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill last night:

But the Republicans used a procedural maneuver Wednesday to force the collective bargaining measure through: they removed elements of Governor Walker’s bill that were technically related to appropriating funds, thus lifting a requirement that 20 senators be present for a vote. In the end, the Senate’s 19 Republicans approved the measure, 18 to 1, without any debate on the floor or a single Democrat in the room.The remaining bill, which increases health care and pension costs and cuts collective bargaining rights for public workers in the state, still needs approval from the State Assembly on Thursday morning, but that chamber approved the measure once before, and many in Wisconsin’s Capitol now consider approval a foregone conclusion.

This is causing an uproar because essentially 18 Republican Senators undid 50 years of civil rights progress in 30 minutes. However, I don’t let the Democratic Senators off the hook. They absconded to Illinois so that the bill wouldn’t be brought to a vote.

I believe both sides have dirt on their hands but this still seems to be a shot in the heart to unions in one of the most unionized states in the nation. A good stat to know is that out of the top 10 states in America with the lowest budget deficits, 8 of them are unionized.

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