Saturday Morning Computer Crash

by Vince

I finished watching half of the movie The Fighter last night, turned off my Acer, and went to bed.

I didn’t use my computer until noonish today. When I turned it on, everything was different. Instead of the usual Windows 7 Home Premium display, it was in an old Windows 98 type display. Everything was disabled – volume control, wireless and internet, anti-virus programs, system restore, and at least 100 processes in the task manager. Nothing could be changed. I was about to live out an Office Space moment.

The help I received made me feel dumb. The support guide took me to the msconfig page and adjusted my startup options. That was all I needed to be back to normal.

This mornings issue leaves me wondering about the need for anti-virus protection. Such programs as Norton and McAfee only search for viruses when you tell it to. They don’t actively check for viruses when they come in or stop them on their way in. At least they don’t seem to. They seem to be a bit less proactive about virus protection for my own comforts.  Thoughts?

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