Glenn Beck and Google

by Vince

We all know of Glenn Beck at this point. We know that he can incite vile hatred, violence, and his big one: paranoia. Lately, he said he wouldn’t use Google anymore because he believes it has government (American, that is) ties and was somehow responsible for the overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt:

“I’m really not sure that I want my search engine involved in government overthrows, good or bad,”Beck said on his Fox show. “There is a strange thing going on with this search engine and our government. And we all have to choose who we do business with.”

If you actually break down his theories, you would never even believe him.

Steve Benen gives a backdrop:

Wael Ghonim is the head of Google’s marketing for the Middle East and North Africa, and he also helped organize Egyptian protestors during the recent uprising. The Mubarak government arrested Ghonim in late January and held him blindfolded for 11 days. Upon his release, Ghonim, seen as a hero, helped further inspire those demonstrating against their government.

Google is for freedom of speech as China, Iran, and now Egypt are against it. Each of those countries during one period of uprising, demonstrations, or something else has blacked out its internet and forced its people to communicate to the outside world via fax machines. I am sorry to burst Beck’s bubble, but many people, including those who work at Google (who, I might add, are not robots; they have emotions and thoughts, just like us) were against the Mubarak regime. Glenn Beck’s own “university” and TV show supports gold and many right-wing politico’s and groups. Does that make him untrustworthy? It all depends on who you ask, of course.

Steven Taylor wraps it up for us:

This presentation is typical Beck:  vague and ominous with just enough bits of information tossed in to sound like maybe he knows what he is talking about.

Taylor’s advice could just about apply to anything Glenn Beck.

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