‘Quiet Listener Heard God Whisper’

by Vince

BZ takes the time to notice the ephemeral heart in the snow:

When I looked at my life, I wanted to see farther, yet what I was sure I knew had me weary and worried. And I couldn’t truly see what was right in front of me because I wasn’t truly looking.  Who but the One who placed it there knew how much this lovely, lowly reminder of his love was needed by my own dark heart, gritty with daily life and stained with salt wash.  The next swerving car or sure footed hoof print would have smudged and erased this unmistakable love note.  It was just for me, just now, here.  And I almost missed it.

“You’re loved, child.  See I put this here just for you, then I whispered your name, and called you here.  You almost didn’t hear, didn’t come, didn’t see, distracted as you were by the ceaseless noise of the immediate.  I’m so glad you came.  I’m especially fond of you.”

I have been thankful for the days when I can go about different tasks of mine and have a clear mind, so much so that I can enjoy and be present in the moment(s). Last week, that was the case when I was doing plyo. Simply being in the moment allowed me to enjoy the range of life around me. I wish to live more like that.

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