Love For The Unloved

by Vince

It isn’t hard to notice those today who are disenchanted by love, Hallmark holidays, and relationships of yore.  I have been there myself, wondering if I would grow old and alone, wondering if there was a special one out there for me, wondering if I would feel this way forever.

What I have to offer today is a proposition to lend my heart out to those around me who are unloved. These words inspire me and change my heart:

One day I visited a house where our sisters shelter the aged. This is one of the nicest houses in England, filled with beautiful and precious things, yet there was not one smile on the faces of these people. All of them were looking toward the door.

I asked the sister in charge, “Why are they like that? Why can’t you see a smile on their faces?” (I am accustomed to seeing smiles on people’s faces. I think a smile generates a smile, just as love generates love.)

The sister answered, “The same thing happens every day. They are always waiting for someone to come and visit. Loneliness eats them up, and day after day they do not stop looking. Nobody comes.”

Abandonment is an awful poverty. There are poor people everywhere, but the deepest poverty is not being loved.

The poor we seek may live near us or far away. They can be materially or spiritually poor. They may be hungry for bread or hungry for friendship. They may need clothing, or they may need the sense of wealth that God’s love for them represents. They may need the shelter of a house made of bricks and cement or the shelter of having a place in our hearts.” (pp.65-6, emphasis mine)

The second part of the last sentence really stood out to me. To whom can I open my heart to? To which friend can I truly have my heart reach out to, remaining a presence of compassion and companionship in their life? To whom can I stand by when no one may stand by them? These and other questions are for us all to ask. Mother Teresa volleys these thoughts beautifully back and forth between material and personal connections. I am going to use my free time tomorrow to make a vday goodie package for a good friend.

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