God is Wasteful…

by michaelrdrane

…by our standards.

Sitting here in the frozen, winter wonderland that is Detroit (that’s finally melting!), I was struck by the story of Wilson Bentley (wikipedia article here). He’s the man that took over 5,000 magnified images of snowflakes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bentley found that now only is every flake intricately detailed but it is almost impossible to find two that are alike.

I was struck not only by the beauty of this, but also by the contrast to our normal standards of operation. To be honest, I’m tired of snow. We’ve gotten at least 43 inches of it in Detroit throughout this winter season. When it comes down, it flies past my window so fast that I can barely see the individual flakes. Forget about appreciating their unique beauty. Knowing that, if I were to create snow, it would come down in 12 different shapes, max. After all, mass production is supposed to be uniform and fairly easy to replicate. We have limited time and limited resources. Yet outside of my window lies 12 (melting) inches of snow that are evidence that our creator had his own theory of production long before Ford started making cars on his assembly line.

What then does this tell me about God? If nothing else, his infinite nature defies my normal notion of what is wasteful. Beyond that, if he puts that much detail and individual identity into this frozen heap that will be gone in a matter of hours or days, how much more has he put into you and me. Whether you have some snow just laying around outside or not, I hope you know that you are loved by a God who defies both our common reason and logic.

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