Egyptians Inspired By MLKjr

by Vince

I hope that those who started the civil rights movement (King, John Lewis, etc) on a foundation of nonviolent opposition appreciate that their contributions have not been forgotten. Andy Khouri explains how various Egyptian protesters have been influenced by Montgomery Bus boycot comics translated into Arabic:

While we can’t accurately quantify The Montgomery Story’s real influence on the protesters in Egypt or elsewhere, it’s certainly cool that a comic book starring one of America’s greatest real-life heroes has inspired even one person to take to the streets in the way we’ve seen over the last several weeks. That an organization as big and forward-thinking as the American Islamic Congress thought to deploy this work – whose actual creators remain unknown – says quite a lot, indeed, and their actions remind us of the potential power and inherent strengths (portability being perhaps the helpful important, in this case) of our beloved medium of comics.

(thanks M.B.)

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