A Letter to Obama on Egypt

by Vince

A reader submits a letter to Obama:

Because of the close coverage of the Egyptian uprising, it is now clear that American aid to Egypt supports the repressive policies of the government because they are seen as supporters of American policy toward Israel.  This is morally bankrupt.  Israel’s existence is crucial in the middle East- but the argument for Israel loses its power when it’s cost is immoral support for a repressive. anti-democratic regime.  The U.S.’s moral superiority was lost when the U.S. attacked Iraq- it can be regained by removing financial support for Egypt’s government, even at the threat that they will no longer support the U.S. policies toward Israel.  The Arab and Muslim countries, as well as other countries, will admire the U.S. for its moral action- and that will have a far reaching effect throughout the world.  One obvious result is that the people of repressive countries will feel emboldened to rise up against their governments.  For a very long time the U.S. has supported repressive countries to buy their cooperation, creating disrespect for the U.S. in the people of those countries.  Reversing that policy for Egypt will create unpredicted repercussions in Egypt, the Arab and Muslim world and in repressive governments supported by the U.S..  This is an opportunity to lead the world by choosing morality over fear of loss of control.

I am writing this because it is very clear that each and every whistle blower in Egypt will be beaten, tortured and killed, and the U.S. will be blamed for standing by and not supporting the desire for democratic reforms.  Betrayal is the lowest of low of immoral actions.  Betrayal first of the ideals of the American founders and all the Americans who believe in those ideals.  Betrayal second of all the democratic aspirations of the people of the world.  Because the U.S. is so powerful, allowing the fear of loss of control to be the central most powerful tenant in decision making, ignoring morality, will set back the change to democratic structures a very long time- and the whole world will blame the U.S. throughout history.

Yours, Pat Davison – patssav@comcast.net

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