Wintry Beauty of the Day

by Vince

Above, a cardinal gazed upon within the wintry mix by BZ:

As I wander, I look, I really look.  I open my eyes wide and try to take it all in.  I am surrounded by beauty.  Always. The finger of God paints my world with splashes of cardinal red.   He doodles in sepia tones, great misty masterpieces.  Barren trees and bent stemmed weeds are transformed, suddenly, into such beauty it takes my breath away.  I am overcome with awe, with wonder.  I do a little snowboot shuffle joydance on Hickory Lane and hope no one is watching, except One.  I hope, I know He sees.  And He knows it is my thank you for the gift of this moment, the wonder of this glory.  I think I am living the reality of these ancient words-

The heavens are telling the glory of God, the firmament shows His handiwork…

Help me to keep looking,

to keep listening for You.

Every day.

For You are transforming

my bent stemmed world

into your Masterpiece.

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