Why Care About Egypt?

by Vince

It seems that every time a foreign nation undergoes a revolution,

it is easy for America to ignore it. We can switch the channel on the TV, turn the page in the newspaper, and say to ourselves that, well, we can’t really do anything about what’s going on in Tehran, Tunisia, or Egypt. I have responded in all of those ways before and also struggle with wondering what to think, which side to take, and to what level of interest should I dedicate to becoming an informed participant in worldwide affairs?

I still feel that I am lagging behind in keeping up with the news in Egypt. I had a chance to talk to a friend about it today and was brought up to speed. It seems to be amazing how truly effective despotic regimes can be when it comes to stamping out oppositional forces (see China, Iran, and now Egypt).

Where I am going with this is to the money line: we as America fund Egypt in the amount of $1.3 billion a year. We should care; its our money. Not to mention its a fellow nation under the rule of its despotic leader. Unfortunately, I am left asking this question: will Obama support to keep Mubarak in power solely to keep an ally on our side in a oil rich and tense region?

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