Scenes From Within the NYPD

by Vince

I can tell I may already love this book:

Especially during his early days as a foot patrol man, Serpico, in civilian clothes after a four-to-midnight tour, would often seek out muggers on his own. Besides his talent for minicry, he has an actor’s ability with his body, and in a variety of guises – his favorite being that of an elderly man shuffling along over a cane, a big slouch hat concealing his features – he would go alone down dark and silent city streets in high crime areas, waiting for the attack to come, actually inviting it, his eyes probing each doorway for a sudden shadowy movement, his ears straining for the predatory fooffall behind his back.

A girlfriend, lying next to him in bed one night, said, “You must be crazy doing things like that. What are you trying to prove?”

“I’m not trying to prove anything,” Serpico replied. “I just want them to know how some poor slob feels when they jump him.”

Once four young muggers jumped Serpico. He whirled, kicked the knife out of the hand of the leader, drew his revolver, and watched them freeze. He identified himself as a police office and lined them up. (p.23)

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