Health Care and Cost: Let’s Be Serious

by Vince

One of the common critiques of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is its cost. Some have said that the big costs over a ten year span are mortgaging away our next generation’s livelihood. Reform will cost money and be difficult to take in. The alternative? Yesterday’s House repeal bill.

The House GOP has been quite strident about out of control spending. They have even gone on record as saying they would reinstate a spending method from yore that only allows spending with money we actually have. The repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would in fact shred that very promise:

And they’re going to suspend their own rules about paying as they go to cover the CBO’s $100 billion dollars of projected savings. That shows they’re not really serious about being fiscally responsible. It seems to me that unserious is really the best word, because it covers so much of what’s wrong. When they pander to Fox’s audience with theatrical bills that have no chance of becoming law, that’s unserious. When they talk about fiscal responsibility and then try to add $100 bn to the debt without covering it, in violation of their own grandstanding rules, that’s unserious. But at the same time, when they start investigating the President — when they say this is the most corrupt administration in recent history — that’s unserious as well.

Even though the GOP repeal bill includes a few tweaks, it includes no general plan or policy. Opposition indeed is much easier than governing.

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