Food for a Lazy Saturday

by Vince

Jonah Lehrer has a piece on the benefits of taking a vacation. It seems the common wisdom of today is that vacations revieve us and help our performance in work, school, and life in general. I ask this: what if some of us cannot afford a vacation to a far away, exotic location, much less a week long get away?

In college, I use to take Saturdays to disconnect; be away from school, the computer (the best I could), and get outside. I believe Lehrer’s article can be beneficial for those of us simply looking to let go on our day(s) off:

Too often, we fail to consider the ways in which our surroundings constrain our creativity. When we are always “close” to the problems of work, when we never silence our phones or stop responding to e-mail, we get trapped into certain mental habits. We assume that there is no other way to think about things, that this is how it must always be done. It’s not until we’re napping by the pool with a pina colada in hand — when work seems a million miles away — that we suddenly find the answer we’ve needed all along.

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