What I Am Reading: Online and In My Hands

by Vince

I have to start somewhere in my Google Reader. So far, about 500 unread posts await me along with 48 starred items to read later. Here are some of the starred goodies:

What’s up with Chris Christie since the winter blizzard pummeled New Jersey?

The collapse of the 2010 New York Giants is receiving comparison status to the New York Mets.

Ezra Klein put out some really interesting pieces. First, one on inequality with charts, unemployment “hysterisis“, how valuable a good night of sleep really is, and a New Year’s resolution for our American government: lose weight and get fit.

I came across a really neat magazine tonight at the library. If you liked Freakonomics, you may like mental floss.

The Barack Obama / Michael Vick conversation has caught my interest.

I also came across these two intriguing books: All My Bones Shake and Beyond Tolerance. While we are talking about books, I am really being sucked in to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons book. The short chapters detailing the Hassassin make me want to read more and more! Now that is what a book is suppose to be like!

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