Easing Back In To The Swing

by Vince

I received my usual phone call last night from the sub call lady at a certain school district. It was the first time we talked, obviously, in a week. I asked how she was doing and she responded that she was ready to get back into her routine. My mother would say the same thing. Unfortunately for for those friends of mine who teach, I saw from their Facebook statuses that getting back into the 6 am rising routine was tough today.

I am easing my way back in today with a half day of teaching, some errands, and a cup of morning joe. As I was flicking through TV last night, I came across Sarah Palin’s reality show in TLC. I knew that it would bring me back into the world of polemic politics (or the thinking related to that) and I shot on over to the Rams/Seahawks game.

Happy Monday and enjoy the political cartoons and other musings!

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