Movie Review: A Prophet

by Vince

I forget how I heard about this movie, but I just got to watch it. A Prophet received four stars and is a French film. It is a story of a 19-year old inmate named Malik who serves a 6-year prison sentence and is forced to survive on the inside.

Malik, an Arab, comes to work for the Corsican mafia. As time progresses and respect is garnered, Malik moves up in rank. Its quite a watch to see such a young kid form into the mold of a gritty type of Euro/Asian crime character.

Many points in this movie are disturbing, eerie, graphic, or lewd. The first man Malik kills with a razor blade haunts him throughout the movie. His ghost joins him in his cell, scars and all showing just as in Beetlejuice, with his cigarettes smoke blowing out. As the movie progresses, Malik is able to go out on day leaves for “work”. His work is often jobs for his boss Cesar and is often dangerous, sometimes rewarding, and usually brings him back past his due time (this eventually lands him in the hole).

I wouldn’t give high recommendations for this movie unless you want to see a film of dark substance depicting life inside prison.

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