The Tea Party is not Love

by Vince

Lisa Sharon Harper explains:

Last week I sat at a breakfast table with prominent New York City faith leaders. The topic of the morning was: “In this post-election moment, what issues are you passionate about? And what scripture lays the foundation for your passion?” Great question. We each had five minutes to share.

I answered that there are two major commands in scripture. 1. Love God/ love your neighbor, 2. Do not fear. Why does fear matter so much? Because, according to Jesus, fear is the opposite of faith. Fear compels us to take things into our own hands. It tells us to crush our neighbors and ultimately, to crush the image of God on earth through oppression, greed, and apathetic disengagement, which allows poverty and injustice to thrive.

I’m heartbroken right now. The Tea Party movement rose in this country on a wave fear. It is a fear-based movement. It is not based on love.

Rand Paul was elected to the Senate after saying he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1964. This is not love.

The irony continues, especially since the majority of the Tea Party claims a divinity in either the Constitution or the Bible.

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